About us

Part of Romanian Commercial Services (SCR Group), one of the most powerful industrial group from Romania, S.C. UZUC S.A is focused on manufacturing of pressure equipment for oil refineries, chemical, petrochemical, energetical industries, as well as autocalves for building materials industry.

UZUC mission is to keep its position as a reliable international business partner, well – known due to its professionalism in fabrication of pressure equipment.


Historical Background

  • UZUC SA was founded in 1904 , as a company specialized in weapons and military vehicle repairs.
  • Starting from 1953, the works reoriented its activity to Diesel engines and repairing of railroad containers for hazardous liquids, oil drilling equipment and other equipment for geological researches.
  • In 1959, the works started the fabrication of pressure vessels for chemical and petrochemical industry and began the building of new areas: Heavy Boiler Shop, finalized in 1961 and Mechanical Forging Shop, completed in 1966.
  • Since 1962 the works has been known as UZUC – Chemical Equipment Works, Ploiesti.
  • During 70’s, UZUC has assimilated and delivered equipment for the pilot Heavy Water Plant and has delivered for IRNE-Pitesti (actual Renel – I.C.N. Pitesti) auxiliary equipment for the research nuclear reactor.
  • Also, UZUC was the main supplier for the chemical and petrochemical industry, fabricating equipment like Strippers and Scrubbers for Urea Plants (under STAMICARBON License), Heat Exchangers for the Ammonia Plants (under KELLOGG License), high and low pressure equipment for the Ethylene and Polyethylene Plants.
  • After 1980, UZUC has begun the fabrication of nuclear equipment for NPP Cernavoda.
  • In 1990 UZUC became sharehold state owned company, i.e. UZUC S.A.
    Starting with February 2002, UZUC S.A. Ploiestii became a private company, the majority of share package being owned by S.C. A1 Impex S.R.L. Cluj- Napoca, company which belongs to Romanian Commercial Services Group ( Contactoare Buzau, Sinterom Cluj-Napoca, Chimcomplex Borzesti, Somes Dej, Iasitex, Novatextile Pitesti, Caromet Caransebes, INAV Bucharest).
  • Actually S.C. UZUC S.A is one of the main Romanian supplier for pressure equipment, especially for chemical, petrochemical industries and for electric power plants,the range of its products including Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers, Columns, Vessels a.s.o.
  • In UZUC have been created, implemented and developed a Quality Assurance System which ensures the basis for manufacturing of equipment under strict conformity with internal and external clients requirements and with applicable standards/codes provisions.