How it ‘s made

UZUC S.A. Ploiesti is one of the main Romanian manufacturers of pressure equipment for oil refineries, chemical, petrochemical, energetical industries, as well as autocalves for building materials industry.

Volume bottle for Thomassen Holland

                               Volume Bottle for Howden Thomassen Holland


The range of products comprises:

-various types of shell & tube heat exchangers acc. to TEMA Standards;
-pressure vessels- different types (volume bottles, pulsation dampeners, separators, drums) and -columns;
-steel structures for vertical vessels manufactured in UZUC;
-autoclaves for building materials industry.

The diversity of the operating mediums in the industrial processes requires the usage of various grades of materials from Carbon steel ones to Cr-Mo Alloy steels, Stainless steels, Cladded steels, Non-Ferrous materials, for the manufacturing of pressure equipment.
Welding plays a major part in the fabrication process of our products, special attention being paid to the qualification and training of welders and welding operators, according to International Standards, such as ASME Sect.IX, EN287.1.

Main Products :
Pressure Vessels
Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers


The main fabrication shops are:

• Complex Preparatory Shop, which includes Preparatory Shop (cutting, bevelling, rolling, welding of plates) and Forging Shop (forming of heads and forging of flanges, heat treatment);
• Machining Shop (drilling, milling, turning);
• Boiler Shop (assembling of equipment);
• Sandblasting, Painting, Heat Treatment areas.

UZUC also incorporates the following testing and inspection laboratories:Sudor la Uzuc

-Metrology (calibration for measuring instruments in the field of length, pressure, force, hardness, electricity, thermal);
-Chemical Analysis, including also performing of Positive Material Identification (Portable Spectrometers GENIUS, BELEQ);
-Destructive Tests and Metallographic Investigations;
-Non-Destructive Examination for welds (RT, UT, PT, MT);

Shops endowment includes:

Uzuc aparat de sudura ultraperformant

                                            Welding Equipment- Multi Narrow Gap Welding Head


Plasma Cutting Equipment;
Shears for plates (thickness within 2÷25 mm);
Cutting and Edge Preparation Machines for plates;
Bending Rollers for plates of max. 60 mm thickness;
Turning, Milling and Grinding Equipment;
Numerical Control Milling Machine – vertical;
Radial and Numerical Drilling Machines for tubesheets (max depth of holes 1000 mm);
Presses for hot or cold forming of heads (from one piece, up to max. diameter of 2000 mm and thickness 25 mm);
HNG Multi Narrow Gap Welding Head-ESAB;
Automatic GTAW Machines for tubes to tubesheet weld;
Converters, Inverters, GTAW, FCAW, Microplasma, Submerged Arc Welding Machines;
Welding Equipment for stainless steel overlay (by strip or wire);
Torque Controlled Expanding Equipment, hydraulic or mechanic;
Heat Treatment Facilities (electric or gas) for normalizing, solution annealing, stress relieving; furnaces for Post Welding Heat Treatment of equipment;
Visual Inspection Equipment – Everest Videoendoscope;